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12.24.12: It’s A Wonderful Life

How can so dang much happen in a single day? How can you edit and post a little film, take a leisurely bike ride into town, check out the Fine Arts Museum, eat a tasty bún chả lunch sitting on a little blue stool at a little blue table set up on the sidewalk along with the locals, zoom around the town on the back of motorinos–piloted by the world’s greatest assistants Mai Phuong and Be Duc–picking up bleach, thermometers, buckets and oodles of Kem Trang Tien in exotic flavors like “young rice,” hang out at DocLab munching on tiny green apples and learning Vietnamese folk songs, attend the most awesome, friend-filled, warm hearted Christmas Eve feast (featuring the unbelievably delicious Bo la lot aka betel leaf wrapped beef)/gift swap (featuring a red parka’d Santa free pouring red wine from a box while standing in the middle of the black lacquered dining table)/singalong (featuring an extremely rousing version of You Are My Sunshine), and then bike home through possibly the craziest traffic ever??? I have the pictures to prove it…

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