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6.9.12: Amour

While Paolo and Max enjoy a day at parc Astérix (check out Max’s blog Max, Miami and Beyond for details and snaps), I attend the nuptials of my old friend Sanjit and his new bride Aude. Do all French weddings include a shaggy dog monologue about the importance of 2000 year old Roman roads, mathematics, linguistics, 50/50, and amour amour amour delivered by a twinkly-eyed magistrate, haute couture wedding wear designed by the bride and groom, a brass band parade in front of the Pantheon, champagne in the Luxembourg Gardens, a delightful contingent of Ind0-Canadian Aunties in beautiful saris, a tour through the city on a vintage bus, an elegant soirée barge, dancing until 3 am, and thirteen distinct desert courses, including six varieties of macarons (Smoke, chocolate and curry! Lemon and cedar!) created especially for the occasion by Pierre Hermé? Paris mon amour, indeed…

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