5.27.12: Last Class

Although we have one more public screening coming up on Thursday, today is the last official class session for The Sound We See: Rotterdam. This moment is always a little bittersweet… What a joy to see everyone grow as individual artists and form such a strong bond.  The group wants to continue meeting and working together as an informal artists collective and I can’t wait to see what they create next. The seeds have been planted and the garden is beginning to grow.

Afterwards, we check out the Dunya Festival (the Dutch love a festival!) and meander back to Delfshaven for a double date double feature of Invasion USA and RoboCop with Florian and Mariette… “I work alone.” Fantastic!

2 thoughts on “5.27.12: Last Class

  1. Great photo of the class but you should have been in it too! I’m sure it will be kind of sad leaving all your new friends…….but lots more friends to exchange visits with in the future.

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