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3.18.12: Some Kinda Wonderful

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more awesome in the Netherlands, along comes National Book Week. Not only do you get a special free book by a Dutch writer if you buy a book in the week leading up to Book Week, but you can use that book as a free train ticket to ride anywhere you want in the entire country all day today!

In other awesome news, each week we fall more in love with the Sound We See: Rotterdam class. After the initial struggles with recruitment, it seems we have ended up with the most interesting, smart, sweet, curious, courteous, energetic, genuine, generous and just generally fantastic kids in town. This afternoon, local filmmaker Karel Doing drops by to screen and discuss Images of a Moving City, his lovely 2001 interpretation of the city symphony genre; rarely have I seen a student group more engaged, inquisitive and respectful in their interactions with a guest lecturer. I can’t wait to watch this film grow…

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