3.19.12: Nederlanse is gemakkelijk!

It’s time to learn how to say a little more than dank u wel. It’s time to meet Gerard.

Gerard is a genial retired gentleman who teaches free Dutch language classes in a tiny community space in Rotterdam Zuid. There’s coffee and tea, a dry erase board, a table with six chairs and that’s about it. Along with our fellow students Wilma (Brazil) and Yoshi (Japan), Gerard puts us through the paces: a little small talk (Uit welk land kom jij? Ik kom uit Canada.), a couple of verbs (wonen, komen hebben), numbers nul to een honderd, and fun facts (add “je” to the end of a noun to instantly make it cuter and friendlier). Two hours flies by. Tot de volgende keer!

One thought on “3.19.12: Nederlanse is gemakkelijk!

  1. Isn’t it great that you inherited my wonderful aptitude for learning foreign languages?
    Heh, heh, Buena suerte Senorita!

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