2.28.12: The Rules

This week marks the official start of The Sound We See: Rotterdam, a three-month project that invites local youth to create a 24-hour city symphony on 16mm film examining/exploring/celebrating the urban environment. The last month has been filled with meetings, screenings, tours, talks and workshops and now it’s time to do what we really love to do: make a movie! This evening, students, teachers, teaching assistants, mentors and project coordinators convene for the orientation, “the rules” (thank you, Sister Corita Kent!), and our first collaborative film project featuring Awesome Pens, boundary pushing and some pretty amazing free jazz. There’s still room for more budding filmmakers to join in the fun so if you know youth in Rotterdam  between the ages of 12 and 24, spread the word… Session 1 happens Sunday, March 4, 14:00 – 17:00 at WORM!

One thought on “2.28.12: The Rules

  1. Good Rules! Good luck with the project…..hope you get an amazing group of students.
    In any event I know you two will make it a success.
    Besos y Abrazos,

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