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2.23.12: Powerful!

We’re here in Bristol (England’s sixth biggest city) to visit our pal Joff Winterhart, an amazing artist, animator, drummer, teacher and EPFC’s beloved 2010 Summer Artist in Residence. After staying up late last night eating sweet potato soup, pettin’ Peep Peep (officially rated as one of the top three dogs in the world)  and catching up on everything that’s happened over the past year and a half, we ease into the new day with strong coffee, Sister Gertrude Morgan and Future Wives (From The Past) – dreamy! Then a windy walk through curving narrow streets, past the pastel houses to the park filled with skinny dogs and then through the graveyard and down into the town where we are lucky enough to run into Bristol’s most powerful characters: Granny Pat in the Cat Coat (“I’ll show you my pussy anytime!”), Cowboy Ken, Gina/Gino the Chatty Trannie, Pete The Barber #2, The Meanest Thrift Shop Lady In The World, Bernard “not my actual name” Hunter at BristolCine (where we score an amazing copy of Soccer Giants of Brazil on Super 8), angry D.R. Butts the Butcher, and oh so many more. After all this meeting and greeting, we’re famished. Time for some delicious fish and chips!

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