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2.17.12: Let’s See What Develops

Today we are welcomed into the magical world of the filmwerkplaats. This cozy cave, buried deep in the heart of WORM, contains everything anyone could ever want/need to make their very own 8mm , Super 8 or 16mm masterpiece. Heaven! And effortlessly facilitating it all is Esther Urlus: smart, curious, creative and fearless, she’s part of an international sisterhood of dynamic lady filmmakers who live and love hand made film  – kisses to you, dear Dagie Brundert, Heather Harkins, Helen Hill, Jodie Mack and Naomi Uman!

The hours roll by as we familiarize ourselves with the filmwerkplaats’ equipment and layout, and receive Esther’s crash course in Russian film tank developing (“Don’t be a pussy!”). We are intoxicated by the camaraderie, the process and the results; this is definitely a step up from the bucket o’ spaghetti methodology usually employed at EPFC… We’re hooked!

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